Invitation to join the ReEnTrust stakeholder group

We would like to invite you to contribute to our ongoing research study by joining our stakeholder group. The ReEnTrust project will address this issue of ‘trust in algorithms, artificial intelligence and automation’ by seeking to identify fundamental principles for algorithm design and technological tools informed by stakeholder engagement for better understanding of the core principles of the user-platform trust dynamic and providing innovative socio-technical solutions to support it.

Introducing: ReEnTrust

As interaction on online Web-based platforms is becoming an essential part of people’s everyday lives and data-driven AI algorithms are starting to exert a massive influence on society, we are experiencing significant tensions in user perspectives regarding how these algorithms are used on the Web. These tensions result in a breakdown of trust: users do not know when to trust the outcomes of algorithmic processes and, consequently, the platforms that use them. As trust is a key component of the…

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