Invitation to join the ReEnTrust stakeholder group

We would like to invite you to contribute to our ongoing research study by joining our stakeholder group.

The ReEnTrust project will address this issue of ‘trust in algorithms, artificial intelligence and automation’ by seeking to identify fundamental principles for algorithm design and technological tools informed by stakeholder engagement for better understanding of the core principles of the user-platform trust dynamic and providing innovative socio-technical solutions to support it.

As part of an RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) approach we will carry out, interviews, surveys and workshops with stakeholders to gain stakeholder perspectives on trust breakdown and regain in relation to algorithm-driven online platforms.

We will explore key questions such as:

  1. How do commercial and non-commercial organisations establish and maintain user trust in the algorithmic systems they use?
  2. How do they themselves establish trust in their own systems?
  3. How might the level of trust in an algorithmic system be quantified in a “trust index” and how might such an index be of use to system users and providers?
  4. the design-policy-design relationship
  5. the extent to which user trust can be regained through technological solutions
  6. what further trust rebuilding mechanisms might be necessary and appropriate, including educational, legal, regulatory, public debate, and policy-making activities

This stakeholder participation will take place at all stages of the project, embedding a strong element of co-creation in the design of the technologies and policy recommendation we will develop.

Who should consider joining our stakeholder group?

We are building a cross-disciplinary and cross-sector stakeholder group with involvement from, among others:

  • academics from multiple disciplines (e.g. Engineering, Computer Science, Internet Research, Law, Business Schools, Schools of Education and Science Technology & Society studies)
  • public sector organizations (e.g. European Commission, Nottingham City Council)
  • private sector organizations (e.g. Bibblio, Samsung and Amazon)
  • third sector organizations (e.g. Doteveryone, 5Rights, Mental Health Foundation, Polka Theatre)

Through a series of stakeholder events, we will provide opportunities for stakeholders to meet, exchange views and experiences and learn from each other, and encourage responsible practice across all stakeholder groups, emphasising shared responsibility and balanced representation of all stakeholders’ interests.

As part of our stakeholder engagement activities, we will run a number of workshops and interviews for software developers and service providers to explore how industry establishes and maintains trust in algorithmic systems, and to obtain feedback about the acceptability of adopting into industry practice of the technological methods and tools developed in ReEnTrust.

What does participation as stakeholder involve?

The flagship events for our stakeholder engagement will be four, half-day, workshops that are currently planned to take place in:

  • April 2019,
  • September 2019,
  • February 2020,
  • July 2020.

In addition we will have occasional surveys (probably 4-6) and invitations for interviews. Detailed information about the workshops, as well as the surveys, interview invitations and updates regarding our project will be provided via the ReEnTrust Stakeholders Newsletter.

How to join

To join the ReEnTrust stakeholder group, simply follow the link to sign up to the ReEnTrust Stakeholders Newsletter, provide your name and affiliation (and don’t forget to respond to the confirmation e-mail).