Related work

As part of our wider agenda of work on Responsible Research and Innovation, Digital Literacy and Governance Frameworks related to algorithmic systems, the ReEnTrust team is engaged in a number of collaboration projects that are directly aligned with the academic research, policy development or public engagement mission of the ReEnTrust project.

ReEnTrust contributes to these projects:

  • Development of a “Standard for Algorithmic Bias Considerations“, in collaboration with IEEE-SA.
  • Workshops and public engagement on “User Trust“, in collaboration with ISOC-UK.
  • Engagement with British and International industry standards development activities related to “”, including the ISO/IEC JTC/1 SC42 “Artificial Intelligence” working group WG3 on “Trustworthiness”, in collaboration with British Standards Institute (BSI).
  • Member of the EPSRC Network+ Human Data Interaction: Legibility, Agency,¬†Negotiability
  • Member of UKRI Network+ eNurture