EuroDIG2019: Algorithmic Literacy

From June 18th to June 20th, ReEnTrust was please to participate in the annual European Dialog on Internet Governance conference (EuroDIG2019) with a education/demo session on Algorithmic Literacy.

EuroDIG is the European regional version of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), and provides an open multi-stakeholder platform to exchange views about the Internet and how it is governed. As with other Ingernet Governance fora, EuroDIG has in recent years started to include a large number of panels dealing with AI or Algorithmic Decision Making or related issues. This year was no exception, with no less than 5 of the 55 session listed in the program featuring “AI” in the title. New to this year is the publication of video recordings ans session transcripts as part of the session wikipages. Plennaries and Workshops were additionally asked to conclude their sessions by deciding on short Messages to form the outcomes communication. There are also now availabe on the session wiki pages.

Our educational-demo session on Algorithmic Literacy (session EDU2 “Advanced Literacy – Basic Education for the Digital Age?”) was structure around the UnBias project and used some of the new execises from the recent tor Booklet expansion.