RightsCon2019 and launch of Bot Populi

RightsCon2019, the 2019 edition of the AccessNow organized annual international Human Rights in the Digital Age conference, took place in Tunis from June 11th to 14th. This year’s edition features a full track of presentations focusing on tomation and Algorithmic Accountability with presentations from a wide range of academic and civil society contributors, including Algorithm Watch, Marietje Schaake (MEP), the EU’s Agency for Fundamental Rights, colleagues from the Just Net Coalition, and many others. A summary of the main learning from RightsCon2019 is provided by the conference with the following statement regarding AI, Automation and Algorithmic Accountability

“As automated decision-making tools proliferate and fundamentally modify the way our societies,institutions and markets work, it is important to acknowledge the existing body of universal,binding, and actionable human rights laws and standards as the foundation upon which thesetechnologies must be designed, developed, and implemented. Preventing discrimination and otherhuman rights abuses requires a commitment to fostering diversity, meaningful consultation withat-risk communities about the particular ways in which they could be impacted, and clearpathways for algorithmic accountability both in the public and private sector when the use ofautomated technologies undermine fundamental rights”

At a satellite event on June 11th, the Just Net Coalition celebrated the launch of the Bot Populi website, including an interview with Ansgar Koene on the topic of Artificial Intelligence – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.


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