ReEnTrust researchers produced a list of blog posts in response to COVID-19

Together with other Oxford researchers, we published a reviewing of the security and privacy implications associated with technologies supporting remote working: Together with Orbit researchers, we reflected on the importance of the RI approach during the COVID-19 crisis: Dr Jun Zhao warns parents of young children the risks of social media for young children over the school closure:  

ReEnTrust are recruiting for a research study about Algorithms and Explanations

How much do you trust the books or hotels that online platforms are recommending to you? Recommender systems help users find information items more efficiently. They are widely used in our daily life, for example, helping us find books (Amazon), music (Spotify) or hotels. However, these systems are facing increasing scrutiny in recent years, due to biases in the recommendations, such as books by particular authors or hotels of specific price ranges. As a result, users may be discriminated against…

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Purdue Policies for Progress

On May 20th the Purdue Policy Research Centre at Purdue University, held to “Policies for Progress” conference exploring ways to bring together policymakers, industry leaders, not-for-profits, and academics to bring their collective expertise to bear to address Wicked problems. Policies for Progress was the capstone event for the Breaking Through: Developing Multidisciplinary Solutions to Global Grand Challenges research project funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Find more info about the project here. Experts from four multidisciplinary teams shared findings and results of…

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EuroDIG2019: Algorithmic Literacy

From June 18th to June 20th, ReEnTrust was please to participate in the annual European Dialog on Internet Governance conference (EuroDIG2019) with a education/demo session on Algorithmic Literacy. EuroDIG is the European regional version of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), and provides an open multi-stakeholder platform to exchange views about the Internet and how it is governed. As with other Ingernet Governance fora, EuroDIG has in recent years started to include a large number of panels dealing with AI or…

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RightsCon2019 and launch of Bot Populi

RightsCon2019, the 2019 edition of the AccessNow organized annual international Human Rights in the Digital Age conference, took place in Tunis from June 11th to 14th. This year’s edition features a full track of presentations focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Algorithmic Accountability with presentations from a wide range of academic and civil society contributors, including Algorithm Watch, Marietje Schaake (MEP), the EU’s Agency for Fundamental Rights, colleagues from the Just Net Coalition, and many others. A summary of the…

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1st ReEnTrust Stakeholder Workshop

On April 15th the first ReEnTrust Stakeholder Workshop took place at the Digital Catapult in London. The event was attended by stakeholders from various sectors from industry, by academics from multiple disciplines, representative of the Internet Society and one of the UK’s regulators with responsibilities in the digital domain. Since this was the first of our workshops, taking place at an early stage of the project, the primary aim was to gain a broader understanding of the range of issues…

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Publication of European Parliament report on Algorithmic Accountability

In 2018, the ReEnTrust team member Ansgar Koene, working on the UnBias project, was invited to produce a Science Technology Options Assessment report on “A Governance Framework for Algorithmic Accountability and Transparency” for the European Parliament. The report is now available to download from the European Parliament Research Services website. The video recording of the presentation of the report to the European Parliament in Strasbourg on October 25th 2018 is available to view at EPTV. The report was co-authored with…

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ReEnTrust engaging with policy discourse

The “responsible policy and practice” work-package (WP1) of ReEnTrust aims to unpack the tensions between the drive for innovation in the design and use of algorithms and the growing desire for meaningful regulation and protection for users. As part of this work ReEnTrust is engaging with the policy discourse on algorithmic regulation through participation in “AI governance” conferences and working with policy setting organizations. In the first three months of 2019 this has included participating at CPDP Data Protection and…

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Invitation to join the ReEnTrust stakeholder group

We would like to invite you to contribute to our ongoing research study by joining our stakeholder group. The ReEnTrust project will address this issue of ‘trust in algorithms, artificial intelligence and automation’ by seeking to identify fundamental principles for algorithm design and technological tools informed by stakeholder engagement for better understanding of the core principles of the user-platform trust dynamic and providing innovative socio-technical solutions to support it.