Conference papers

  • [NEW] Anirudh Ekambaranathan, Jun Zhao and Max Van Kleek. “Money makes the world go around”: Identifying Barriers toBetter Privacy in Children’s Apps From Developers’ Perspectives”. CHI’2021. Accepted
  • Liz Dowthwaite, Helen Creswick, Virginia Portillo, Jun Zhao, Menisha Patel, Elvira Perez Vallejos, Ansgar  Koene, and Marina Jirotka. “It’s Your Private Information. It’s Your Life.” Young People’s views of personal data use by online technologies. IDC ‘2020, June 21–24, 2020, London, United Kingdom
  • Zhao et al. Explanations and Me: Understanding the Impact of Explanations on Users’ Trust Perception of Recommender Algorithms. Fair & Responsible AI Workshop @ CHI2020
  • Ulrik Lyngs‚ Kai Lukoff‚ Petr Slovak‚ William Seymour‚ Helena Webb‚ Marina Jirotka‚ Jun Zhao‚ Max Van Kleek and Nigel Shadbolt. I Just Want to Hack Myself to Not Get Distracted”: Evaluating Design Interventions for Self−Control on Facebook. CHI’2020
  • Anirudh Ekambaranathan, Jun Zhao and Max Van Kleek. “Understanding Value and Design Choices Made by Android Family App Developers“. CHI’2020. Extended Abstracts, April 25–30, 2020, Honolulu, HI, USA.
  • Liz Dowthwaite, Elvira Perez Vallejos, Helen Creswick, Virginia Portillo, Menisha Patel and Jun Zhao. “Developing a measure of online wellbeing and user trust”. ETHICOMP 2020, 17 – 19 June, Logroño, La Rioja, Spain
  • Alan Davoust and Michael Rovatsos. “Social Contracts for Non-Cooperative Games.” in Proceedings of the 2020 AAAI/ACM Conference on AI, Ethics, and Society (AIES ’20). Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Third AAAI/ACM Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, and Society 2020, New York, United States.

Journal papers

  • [NEW] Perez, Elvira & Dowthwaite, Liz & Creswich, Helen & Portillo, Virginia & Koene, Ansgar & Jirotka, Marina & McCarthy, Amy & McAuley, Derek. The impact of algorithmic decision-making processes on young people’s well-being. Journal of Health Informatics. DOI
  • Creswick, H., Dowthwaite, L., Koene, A., Perez Vallejos, E., Portillo, V., Cano, M.and Woodard, C. (2019), “… They don’t really listen to people”: Young people’s concerns and recommendations for improving online experiences”, Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society, Vol. 17 No. 2, pp. 167-182.

Book chapters

  • Elvira Perez Vallejos, “The Use of Digital Media for Self-Expression in Children and Adolescents”, In Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the Media in Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America volume. 2019


Project reports