IEEE P7003 Algorithmic Bias Considerations Workshop

In recognition of the increasingly pervasive role of algorithmic systems in modern society the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) launched the Global Ininitative for Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligence Systems in April 2016. Under the umbrella of this Global Initiative, IEEE-SA launched the P70xx series of Standards working groups to support the development of Ethical Autonomous and Intelligent Systems.

Since February 2017, the IEEE P7003 working group has brought together over 80 experts from civil-society, academia and industry to explore the challenges of algorithmic bias and develop a process framework for addressing Algorithmic Bias Considerations in the development and deployment of algorithmic systems.

On February 18th and March 1st, 2019, the IEEE P7003 group will run a multi-site simultaneous workshop at venues in London and New York, and online participation via teleconference. In addition to working on the P7003 draft standard document, the workshop will give an opportunity for participants of the global P7003 community to establish closer ties with each other and identify additional potentials for collaboration based on the shared interests in issues of algorithmic bias.

Workshop agenda

Workshop agenda for Thursday 28 February


Participation in the workshop is open to all members of IEEE P7003 working group.
To facilitate potential future collaborations between working group members all participants are invited to bring posters of their work on algorithm bias.

Related publications

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On December 9th 2017 an article was published in TechEmergence, with the title “The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence for Business Leaders – Should Anyone Care?“, summarizing the eleven P70xx series standards currently in development.

This was followed on 12 September 2017 by a ‘blog’ article “to Code“, based on an interview about P7003 with Ansgar.

A brief paper outlining the aims of P7003 and its relationship with the other P700x-series standards working groups was published in IEEE Technology and society Magazine (vol 36, No 2, June 2017, pp31-32).

On May 5th 2017 The Institute published a ‘resources’ article ““, summarizing the P7000 series standards activities that were active at that time, including P7003.