Landscape summary for CDEI: bias in algorithmic decision-making

Publication of the landscape summary on “Bias in Algorithmic Decision-Making”, commissioned by the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI) and produced by our own Michael Rovatsos, with contributions from Ansgar Koene and Brent Mittelstadt.

The landscape summary report forms part of the CDEI’s reviews into online targeting and bias in algorithmic decision-making. These landscape summaries have informed the development of CDEI interim reports and will inform their ongoing work on the two reviews.

This Landscape Summary draws together the literature and debates around algorithmic bias,the methods and strategies which may help to mitigate its impact, and explores four sectors in which this phenomenon is already starting to have real world consequences — financial services,local government, crime and justice, and recruitment. It identifies a case study for each sector which may have significant consequences for individuals and groups in the UK: algorithmic loan redlining, child welfare, offender risk assessments, and CV sifting.