ReEnTrust launches a new online user study about trust and e-recruitment system

We are pleased to announce a new online study by the ReEnTrust project team, aimed to analyse how an understanding of algorithms can help people feel more confident about using them. The study should take around 60 minutes to be completed. It is aimed to collect qualitative and quantitative data to help us gain a better understanding of how explanation and transparency of online job searching would impact users’ trust. The results of the experiment are aimed to be used in…

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Interdisciplinarity — Key to Responsible Innovation

The increasing reach and pervasiveness of AI and algorithms into everyday life raises pressing social and ethical issues for individuals and communities. Several recent deliberations, including track-and-trace for the pandemic and fight for a fairer society, have raised the urgency for critical thinking about our society and technology innovations now more than ever. Under these tremendous circumstances, we hear a great need from Oxford researchers and students for a platform to voice and exchange our concerns, and reflect and react…

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Ethicomp paper accepted

We are pleased to announce that ReEnTrust team’s paper “DEVELOPING A MEASURE OF ONLINE WELLBEING AND USER TRUST” has been accepted at the International Conference on the Ethical and Social Impact of ICT. The paper can be found at the Oxford Research Archive, and its abstract can be found below. This paper describes the first stage of the ongoing development of two scales to measure online wellbeing and trust, based on the results of a series of workshops with younger…

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Responsible Technologies Workshop

Responsible Technologies: How do we create fairer algorithms in the next 10 years? The increasing reach and pervasiveness of AI and algorithms into everyday life raises pressing social and ethical issues for individuals and communities. Recently, the existence of algorithmic biases related to race, gender, or age and lack of inclusiveness in the technology sector have drawn escalating attention. Now more than ever, these issues demand critical thinking, so that we could reflect and react, to repair and reduce existing…

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ReEnTrust researchers produced a list of blog posts in response to COVID-19

Together with other Oxford researchers, we published a reviewing of the security and privacy implications associated with technologies supporting remote working: Together with Orbit researchers, we reflected on the importance of the RI approach during the COVID-19 crisis: Dr Jun Zhao warns parents of young children the risks of social media for young children over the school closure:  

ReEnTrust Second Stakeholder Workshop Summary Report

We are pleased to share with you our Second Stakeholder Workshop Summary Report, summarising key findings from our Second Stakeholder Workshop taken place on December 6th, 2019, at Mary Ward House in London. The workshop brought together participants from academia, education, NGOs and enterprises to discuss trust in relation to algorithmic decision-making services and platforms. This workshop is the second of the series. In our first stakeholder workshop (April 2019), we have explored stakeholders’ general conceptualisation of trust, in relation…

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ReEnTrust Team Respond to ICO’s Consultation on Explaining AI

On 24 January, ReEnTrust team, led by Dr Philip Inglesant, provided our inputs to ICO and The Turing’s latest Consultation on Explaining AI. ReEnTrust has two interests in AI-enabled decisions: in our own research, to ensure that our own processes are trustworthy, as being compliant with GDPR, DPA compliant, as well as being transparent and responsible in our research involving people; and with respect to the topic of our research, to facilitate trust-building by users in algorithm-driven online systems. We…

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