ReEnTrust Policy Brief

On the 24th May the APPG on Data Analytics hosted a roundtable on rebuilding trust in algorithms, in collaboration with the ESPRC ReEnTrust project.

Speaking at the event were:

  • Daniel Zeichner MP, Chair of the APGDA (Labour);
  • Professor Tom Rodden, Chief Scientific Advisor DCMS;
  • Professor Marina Jirotka, Oxford University; and
  • Jonathan Legh-Smith, Head of Scientific Affairs at BT Group.

Professor Rodden noted the critical need to link in with decision making in the public sector to provide citizens with resources to build the trust that is lacking in algorithms. Jonathan Legh-Smith pointed out that 92% of customers are more likely to trust companies that give them control over the information they share, emphasising the need for clear and coherent messaging around algorithms.

Two central points of the meeting were:

  1. What are the effective advocacy methods we have used as a sector so far to ensure best practice in algorithmic transparency?
  2. How do we improve engagement strategies to ensure citizen involvement throughout the lifecycle of policy design?

The full policy briefing can be found at ReEnTrust Trust in Algorithms FINAL digital.