ReEnTrust engaging with policy discourse

The “responsible policy and practice” work-package (WP1) of ReEnTrust aims to unpack the tensions between the drive for innovation in the design and use of algorithms and the growing desire for meaningful regulation and protection for users. As part of this work ReEnTrust is engaging with the policy discourse on algorithmic regulation through participation in “AI governance” conferences and working with policy setting organizations. In the first three months of 2019 this has included participating at CPDP Data Protection and Democracy, the Global Governance Roundtable on AI at World Government Summit, workshops of the European Commissions’s AlgoAware project, and the Just Net Coalition, a Winter School on AI: ethical, social, legal and economic impact by the JRC HUMAINT project, and a meeting with Ofcom.

25-27 March 2019 — Just Net Coalition workshop on “Equity And Social Justice In A Digital World”, Bangkok

11-12 March 2019 — Oxford Policy Exchange Network (OPEN) conference on ‘A Multi- and Inter-Disciplinary Approach to Disinformation Research and Policy’, Oxford

28 February – 1 March 2019 — IEEE P7003 face-to-face meeting(s), London/New York/Mumbai

27 February — ReEnTrust project Advisory Board meeting, London

10-12 February 2019 — World Government Summit, Dubai

8-9 February 2019 — Global Governance of AI Roundtable, Dubai

4-7 February 2019 — HUMAINT Winter school on AI: ethical, social, legal and economic impact, Seville

30 January – 1 February 2019 — CPDP Data Protection and Democracy, Brussels

25 January 2019 — AlgoAware workshop, Brussels

16 January 2019 — ReEnTrust project meeting, Oxford

9 January 2019 — Presentation & meeting at Ofcom, London